Welcome back to the Monolith!

Hello everyone! My name is Austin Or Nifty, as my in game name may let you know. I’ve seen a lot of videos about all of the future Paragon successors and noticed the lack of written content. Sometimes information can become annoying to find when most information is behind videos and the game’s discord servers.

Now that’s where I come in. I want to organize that information in a way that’s easy to find and read. I hope to cover the three main Paragon successor projects: Fault, Overprime, and Predecessor. In addition, I’ll be on the look out for other projects that might scratch that Paragon itch. Ethereal: Clash of Souls and Project Core anyone?

A little about my background: I’m a MOBA, RPG, and TCG lover to the core, but not many can really hold my attention. Currently, I’m playing League of Legends and Fault, and I’m anxiously waiting for Overprime to come to steam. I’ve hit the top ranks in non-MOBA games like Legends of Runeterra and For Honor, but those games could not hold my attention the same way these successor projects have.

Thanks for checking out this website!

Now then, lets see which of these projects will be the true successor to Paragon. Will it be Fault, Overprime, Predecessor or another game to reign supreme? Only time will tell.


Yes I’m hilarious, I know.

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