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New OverPrime Footage!

The OverPrime team recently released new footage of an internal version of the game. We can’t play this version of the game yet, but the gameplay looks stunning! In the footage we watch a Murdock player get some kills around the map and we were able to see updates to the HUD. You can check … Continue reading New OverPrime Footage!

The Predecessor Stress Test

Likely the most anticipated Paragon successor, Predecessor held a server stress test that lasted under 2 days. Technically, this stress test was a huge success. Although, the test was schedule to last at least another day, Omeda Studios decided to end the test early. The servers could not handle the large amount of people trying … Continue reading The Predecessor Stress Test

Welcome back to the Monolith!

Hello everyone! My name is Austin Or Nifty, as my in game name may let you know. I’ve seen a lot of videos about all of the future Paragon successors and noticed the lack of written content. Sometimes information can become annoying to find when most information is behind videos and the game’s discord servers. … Continue reading Welcome back to the Monolith!

Fault vs Predecessor

Welcome back everyone! Today, I’ll be comparing two of the Big Three of the Paragon successors: Fault and Predecessor. Keep in mind, I have played a lot more Fault than Predecessor (obvious reasons), so these opinions may be changed either way with more updates and the full release of Predecessor. So here’s how it’ll go … Continue reading Fault vs Predecessor

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